What to do when you experience or witness any act of Islamophobia?

In response to the rise in cases of Islamophobia in schools, in workplaces and within our community, we have contacted the Halifax Regional Police, Hate Crime Unit &  Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission to request guidance on steps to fight back against discrimination and Islamophobia.
To all our brothers and sisters in the community, who experienced Islamophobia and discrimination based on political beliefs or harassed due to religion, ethnicity, or national origin, here is what to do:

1. Call 911 and report the incident to the hate crime unit within local police.

2. Report the incident online to the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission.

3. Report the incident to NCCM (National Council of Canadian Muslims).

4. Reach out to our dedicated counselling and mental health support by AMRC and seek help.

5.You may let us know through the following form to follow up with the Commission and the local police regarding your case.

Follow Up Form

Islamophobia Incident Reporting Form

We call upon our community members to actively report all the incidents immediately and help tackle these issues.

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